X-Chat 2 for Windows

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get an eye-candy theme (icons instead of -->)?

    Download eyecandy.zip and unzip it to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\X-Chat 2 folder.

  2. How can I get portable X-Chat version?

    You can make one yourself. Just copy the installation directory to flash disk, then make startxchat.bat file with something like this:
    set PATH=%PATH%;\xchat\lib
    \xchat\xchat.exe -d "\xchat\myxchatsettingsdir"

  3. What is this default theme?

    It's my home-made theme (preview) using Clearlooks and Gtk-Wimp theme engines and standard Windows XP colors. If you'd like to have similar to Windows native look, select Gtk-Wimp in Theme Utility from Start Menu.

  4. Where are my settings and chat logs saved?

    They are saved in user's Application Data\X-Chat 2 directory, downloads can be found in user's My Documents\Downloads. You can usually find Application Data directory in C:\Documents and Settings\username on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, C:\WINDOWS on Windows 98/ME.

  5. Why do I get this (warnings) tab with strange contents?

    It usually means that something is wrong with your GTK+ libraries—they are incorrectly installed or it is their bug. Some of them (non-fatal ones) can be disabled by setting XCHAT_WARNING_IGNORE environment variable to some non-empty value, for example true. My installer already sets it for current user (not other users on the same system), but only on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

    In Windows 98/ME, you have to add set XCHAT_WARNING_IGNORE=true in your autoexec.bat file which is usually in C:\. On Windows XP and alike, go to Control Panel, open System, Advanced tab, click Environment Variables. If you only have user rights (and X-Chat is installed by another user, click New in User Variables and enter XCHAT_WARNING_IGNORE to name field and true to value field. If you have administrator rights, do the same in System variables to set it for all users of the computer.

  6. I am having issues with my national characters/diacritic marks/encoding etc.

    See http://www.xchat.org/encoding.html. Don't forget that you can use GTK+ input methods for non-Latin scripts. Right-click with mouse in any text-box and select it from Input Methods submenu. They work by converting typed-in sequences of Latin letters. For example, if you select Cyrillic (Transliterated), you get according Cyrillic characters when typing Latin ones. You can also get some characters from menu Window > Character Chart.

  7. I want black text area, white one hurts my eyes!

    Take it from http://www.xchat.org/files/themes/blacktheme.zip. While not running X-Chat, unzip these files to your settings directory (see Q2).

  8. But now I also want my < and > around nicks!

    See instructions at http://www.sacarasc.org/xchat/te.html (thanks to sacarasc).

  9. Are there any hidden settings?

    You can view/edit almost all X-Chat settings using command /set, which shows all available settings. For example, if you wouldn't like X-Chat to complete nicknames to the first one when there are several, but to show all alternatives instead, you can do /set completion_amount 0. You can also search for them using wildcard filter (e. g. /set *auto*).

  10. I get this error: "This application has failed to start because libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." But it does not.

    Installer tries to set two private (for this particular X-Chat executable) paths in Windows registry—one for whole system, another one for current user. If you are installing and do not have administrator rights then the path is set only for current user. If you would like to have X-Chat available for another user, re-install with administrator rights or edit this path.reg registry file to match your X-Chat installation directory and execute it—this imports it to Windows registry (sets private path for current user). Or if you would not mess with registry, add your <X-Chat installation directory>\lib to PATH environment variable (see Q3 on how to do this).

    Another thing might be that you want to use external GTK+ runtime environment, and chose not to install X-Chat's internal one. You have to make sure that this external GTK+ is in the global path, or set a private path for xchat.exe—you can customize path.reg registry file. Just edit it and change the X-Chat 2\lib path there to external GTK+ one and import it to registry (execute it).

  11. What about tree-view and text icons?

    Yes, they work, but they're not included. You're welcome to download them and place them into X-Chat 2 folder. Don't forget to turn them on with /set tab_icons on.

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